► Our compact mixers with high technology can work with aggregates in the range of 0-150 mm.
► High quality concrete is obtained by mixing the mixing pallets placed on the shafts at various angles and the scrapers placed at the shaft ends.
► Mixer bearings are equipped with automatic lubrication system.
► A manual pump is available for emergency evacuation.
► Mixer body is welded steel construction. Insole linings and inner linings consist of replaceable wear-resistant special cast Ni-Hard4 alloy wear plates
► The mixing arms are bolted to the shafts.
► Mixing pallets are wear resistant Mn alloy steel castings.
► Scraper pallets are wear-resistant special Mn alloy steel casting.
► Mixing shafts are lubricated by automatic lubrication system.
► The gear units of the mixing group and the bearings of the mixing shafts are lubricated in an oil bath in a sump.
► The top cover of the mixer is equipped with 2 maintenance covers and 1 observation cover. When the mixer maintenance door is opened, there is an accident prevention system that completely stops the system for safety.
► There is a special platform equipped with exit steps for monitoring and maintenance inside the mixer.